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Loop brings a product-oriented approach to Web & Cloud software testing services allowing us to deliver value faster than any other outsourced option available

Our Focus

Web & Cloud App testing is the bread & butter of Loop's service offering

Our mission at Loop Software & Testing Services is simple: to provide high-quality software testing services for our valued clients. Web & Cloud App testing is truly the pillar of this. Not only is it the core of our business offering, but it is the service that we are primed to deliver the most value around. Our hiring, training, & management all center around how to optimize Web & Cloud app software testing services to deliver maximum value in the least amount of time.


One of the most common areas companies site for not wanting to consider outsourcing as an option is the cost. Time and again, we have found that when making this consideration companies are not effectively grasping the entire scope of the current cost of their software quality. Whether it is time spent on bugs, meetings to determine whether a bug is worth fixing, or lost customers because of feature delays, the money spent upfront to prevent software quality issues is in fact consistently an investment rather than a cost. 

Focusing at Work

Testing Types & Levels

At Loop, we have been very specific about the type of software testing services we bring to the table. We believe it is much better to be an expert in a few areas, than a generalist in many. We will always be transparent if we cannot fit your needs. For more specifics visit see below!

What can clients expect by working with Loop

Outdoors Meeting


At Loop, we have defined a wholly unique process for going about Web & Cloud app testing. It allows us to provide value faster, more effectively, and more scalable. This process starts by hiring the right people & carries through all the way to the day-to-day execution of our work. The results & our client retention speaks for itself as a result of this ever-changing & improving process.

Time to Value

Immediate boost to your development cycle


Transparency & effective output leads to efficient growth


Highly flexible teams able to meet your needs



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Loop Software & Testing Services is committed to all communities we work in. We strive to leave people in a better place after interacting with. Whether it is charitable work for small business who can't afford services or job training, we work to collaborate across all organizations in our communities. We strive to make software testing services better for all.



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