Testing Types

With Loop's focus on blackbox testing, it is important to distinguish what types of testing Loop does & does not cover. Transparency is just as important to our culture as expertise. We'll tell you when we are an expert & we are happy to tell you a type is beyond the scope of software testing services.

Range of Coverage

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Compatibility & Cross Browser

Maintaining device warehouses can be costly to build and even more costly to maintain. Emulators are effective up to a point, but why have to worry about running the same regression suite on 3 different operating systems within 3 different hardware types. While critical, it just isn't something a core team member should be focused on.

Graphic User Interface & Localization

Both GUI & Localization testing are extremely detail-oriented, time-intensive testing done at scale. If done right, they will ensure your customer has a seamless experience no matter what interface or local they are operating out of. This can be worth its weight in gold.

Focusing at Work

User Experience & Usability

The core of the success of any application is the experience & perceived usability of the system. Getting this right can mean the difference between scaling to a great exit & struggling to maintain engagement. Let our team bring our expertise to the table to help give you feedback before your customer's set eyes on any feature.


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