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What is a full-time “testing resource”

What is a full-time “testing resource”

Software testing can take many different forms. It can be internal teams, independent contractors, off-shore teams, on-shore groups, & finally a mix of all the above. Let’s quickly define the terms.

1. Internal – Often employees hire by a startup & on payroll.

2. Independent Contractors - Contractors, either independently through companies such as UpWork or Craigslist.

3. Off-shore – Agencies specializing in testing that operate outside of your domestic region.

4. On-shore – The same definition as Off-Shore, but within your domestic area.

The obvious next question, the next question may be “if there are options, how to I know which is the best fit” I go into detail on that question in another post.

While we will briefly touch on outsourcing next, & ultimately, when to hire make your first internal software testing hire, let’s talk about what a “full-time testing resource is.

At a basic sense it refers to a resource putting about 40 hours a week into your testing cycle. It’s important to note, this isn’t always testing and could vary from creation of tests, evaluation of system, etc.

What is most important is that when you reach the milestone of needed a full-time resource, your startup begin with an entity that fully understands of Cost of Software Quality.

This is a philosophy pioneered by, CISQ, that focuses testing not just as part of your development cycle but how the costs & systems fit into your startup as a whole.

Before a startup gets to this full-time resource, it is somewhat excusable to not have systems in place or understand the costs of software quality but this should be your trigger to put systems in place.

Make sure that the expectation is set from the get go, this first resource is more than doing a job, they are laying the groundwork for developing a key branch of your company.



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