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5 Software Company Technology Service Types That Will Simplify Your Life

Do you ever feel like a human ping-pong ball?

From prepping the day’s tasks to managing your employee requests, you barely have time to jump from one task before being pulled to another.

Even in the best of cases, running a software company is hard work and long hours.

But what if there was a service out there that could save you major time running your business?

Services that let you have a little breathing room before the clients calls and sprint conclusions… software company services that brings in more money with less work on your part.

These services are real, and the services that will bring the most efficiency to your software company fall into 5 categories.

#1 Customer Service

Worry less about keeping tabs on your customers – and make your employees happy – with an outsourced support or call answering team like Influx & 5ca.

The standard elements of these type of services handle responses, management & training, help deck creation & more.

Some even let you recognize when customer service needs to be escalated in order to help create better lasting partnerships.

The best part is, it’s all managed in the cloud.

So you don’t have to keep tabs on incoming calls or emails.

Besides being an all-around timesaver, these customer support services allow anyone searching your website often time the opportunity to ask questions about features.

This means leads that may have left are caught, and you make more money.

Can you hear Dave in customer support yelling cha-ching?

#2 Lead Gen

Your best clients start as leads.

But the problem is that getting leads can be like slamming your forehead against the wall.

And no one has the brain cells to lose hitting their head like that.

You reach out, they express interest. But, wait they stopped responding? Try, yes! Wait no.. what’s the right answer?

The fact is LeadGen can be super trick & frankly there is no right way. You could waste tons of time & money before getting an iota of traction.

But an on-demand leadgen solution such as SalesLeadGen choreographs the process by allowing you to answer questions and deliver lead magnets, and ultimately deliver real market qualified leads.

Just supply these teams your key market persona & some top level sales messaging.

Let your partner experiment with sales channels whether it is Linkedin, Email, Social, Content or more. Pair the effort with a great landing page tool like LeadPages & some solid lead magenets to collect emails & wah la! (We debated the spelling there)

The entire process saves your core team precious time.

And that allows them to focus on being available to customers. Ultimately it could lead to fewer resources being allocated to SDRS without sacrificing total incoming leads.

#3 Virtual Assistants

For any of us who have gone back & fourth 4 times trying to coordinate a meeting time, only to realize we forgot a doctor appointment & having to move it again know the pain of menial tasks.

As a software company, or frankly any company, every employee’s most valuable commodity is time.

One of the most popular services to emerge for the tech company space is real-time virtual assistant services. There is some who try to implement this as an “AI” solution, but frankly, a solid well-organized contractor can be a godsend to organizing your life.

As the employers, you simply select the tasks you want this service to cover – the majority will offer calendar management, email management, task management, & incoming calls.

Best part? You will pay for this service almost immediate with the time you save.

There are several surprising benefits to using this service.

First, folks trying to coordinate with you often appreciate the fact they get responses in a timelier manner than if you were trying to squeeze in emails between meetings.

Finally, your staff will appreciate you being on top of all the menial moving pieces and able to put more time into focus on the strategies that matter.

#4 Hardware & Asset Management

Ever look around your office and wonder at the sheer number of devices that are in play within today’s workplace?

Computers, monitors, projectors, TVs, mice (plural?), headphones – and more.

Phew gives me anxiety thinking about it. And on cue Bobby left his mouse at a coffee shop and needs you to order a new one.

Sure, you could handle this yourself, but you can also make a lot of extra work for yourself.

Avoid the headaches by using an fulfillment services such as NewEgg, Precision Data Products or CDW.

If you’re already buying hardware through a provider, you might consider whether they will give you a dedicated rep who can work directly with your employees.

If not, there companies who provide these procurement & management services should be able to suggest the best place to start.

#5 Product Oriented Outsourced Testing Services

Monitoring software testing costs is often the hidden key to a software company doing okay versus seeing exponential growth. But many owners, operators and managers will admit they don’t have much time to do it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of outsourced testing before. It probably gave you bile.

Enter product-oriented software testing.

Outsourced testing can 100% be useful. There is a reason there is such a large market currently.

But there has always been a gap for software companies with complex platforms or in niche markets.

This led to a major performance gap, where the value was not worth the time/money/resources going in.

Product oriented software testing companies are those who train their testers to understand the platform before trying to get the use cases.

These testers don’t need red flashing lights to identify bugs. Nor will they report a bug without knowing the absolute specifics of the cause.

These companies can save you a TON of time & money.

Conclusion: Software Services Can Make A World Of Difference.

There has always been there, I have to carry the wait of 10 people mentality to building software companies.

Whether it was driven by the idea that no one could do it better or I won’t see the return, there are no service companies that can absolutely revolutionize your business.

Have you seen Loop Approach lately?

We let you avoid having to burn the midnight candle on your testing & lets your developers get right back to what they SHOULD be doing.

We plug directly into your development management tools like Jira, or Pivitol Tracker in order to get you gapless feedback with no hassle.

You’ll get weekly flash reports, recommendations, and high-level management summaries to offer your team & clients.

And all you have to do?

Pick up the phone & get out of the way.


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