US Based Testing Units

"The Loop team has been steller! They've been able uncover bugs & issues that have not come to light in over two & a half years. I'd give them a 10/10."


Naveen Nand

Founder & CEO - MyWalletCard

Spent the last 4 years helping to take a 2 person project to a 24 person company with $2M+ in funding. Now off to take the lessons learned and help similar companies with their success

Ben Fellows - CEO


Startups veterans here to make the world a better place one bug at a time through premium software testing services.

Matt Osiecki - COO

Lover of systems, templates, & scalability. Takes chaos & turns it into a symphony. Driven by a focus on a global company able to have an impact on a local level

Los Angeles, CA

Argues saltwater is better

Grand Rapids, MI

Believes the world is better with more beer

Traverse City, MI

Gets jealous during winters

Our Story

Ben Fellows founded Loop after having an awful experience finding software testing services.... surprise

Ben ran ops for a startup that raised $2.5M & scaled to 25 employees. After deciding that staying up until 1:00am wasn't feasible, he tried to outsource our testing. 

After years of poor experiences, Ben decided the problem was that the testers themselves didn't actually have any product experience. 

Loop's testing units are entirely staffed by product minded employees. Loop requires that employees NOT have a background in testing. 

We now operate in 9 states, 3 countries, & have tremendous case studies.

We will stake both our time & money to prove it. Click HERE for a quick discovery call. I'll even buy you a coffee while we talk.

Our Locations

While some of our team members are remotely distributed, we have three main hubs. We tend to bounce between co-working spaces, coffee shops, quiet corners in bookshops, & breweries after 5pm. We share slack channels, video chat, & even use the phone sometimes 😳


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Loop Software & Testing Services is committed to all communities we work in. We strive to leave people in a better place after interacting with. Whether it is charitable work for small business who can't afford services or job training, we work to collaborate across all organizations in our communities. We strive to make software testing services better for all.



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