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Loop believes in the concept of "Pass It On". When we got started there we were so people, companies, and other resources that went out of their way to help us get off the ground. That is why a core piece of our mission is to help promote startup culture and encourage founders to go farther. We offer over 60% discounts to startups with ZERO strings attached to our software testing services. See if you qualify today.


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Is there a long term commitment?

We do not require any form of a long term commitment. We understand that startups don't know what 3 months will look like from now, much less 12.

Are there in-person visits?

While we do not guarantee visits, Loop makes an effort to visit all clients that have crossed the 6-month threshold.

What deliverables could I expect?

Clients should expect to have digital test plans, mind-maps, & process diagrams that will be considered work product of our software testing services. 

How long do I get a discount for?

Startups in this program will be eligible for the discount for a continuous period of 12 months & be a new customer.

What are the hidden costs?

Simple. We have NO hidden costs.

How do I know if I am a good fit? 

If you think you may be a good fit for our program all you have to do is ask. Generally, we work with cloud-based applications but can be fairly flexible. 

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Loop Software & Testing Services is committed to all communities we work in. We strive to leave people in a better place after interacting with. Whether it is charitable work for small business who can't afford services or job training, we work to collaborate across all organizations in our communities. We strive to make software testing services better for all.



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