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As mobile applications continue to increase in complexity, effective testing has become even more important & harder to find. Gone are the days that a mobile application is as simple as clicking through a number of buttons. Work with a team that brings a complex web application mind-set to the new era of mobile testing.

"We started working with Loop when producing our MVP. We were working with a contractor & had built in a one week buffer to address any feedback so it was critical that we get through the regression plan as quickly as possible. Loop's team got access at 8:00am & were able to give A TON of great feedback by 4:30pm that day. It allowed us to maximize our timing & keep the product moving forward." 

Kevin Nickell

Kevin Nickell


Founder & CTO

Achieves Visibility into Test Coverage during Initial Release


VistaSuite is a venture backed technology company that has both a web application, as well as, an accompanying mobile suite. VistaSuite targets corporate companies with multiple store fronts or distributed teams.  

VistaSuite recently made the transition from a B2C application to B2B. With this change came a full refactor of the underlying architecture, accompanied by a suite of business features. Loop Software & Testing was brought it to facilitate the release of the updated application. Key considerations were timing, need for initial stability for MVP clients, & responsiveness. 

Business Challenges

  • Strict timeline for bug addresses

  • Clear communication for contractors

  • Transition of Existing Application

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Loop Software & Testing Solution

The testing unit lead assigned to the project first reviewed the existing demo enviroment & state of the development system. After a series of exploratory tests & a session to review the results, the Macro-Eyes engineering team & Loop Unit-Lead discussed a plan of action for developing a formalized test structure & plan. Over the next 2 weeks, Loop built & execution a first pass of a regression suite. During this time, the Macro-Eyes team started to put together User Stories for upcoming development features. 

The resulting plan centered around a 2 week agile sprint. Loop would execute User Acceptance testing upon delivery of features into a staging enviroment. After, Loop would run a full regression suite - giving a green light for release. After deployment, Loop would run Smoke & Sanity tests, which eventually will be individually tailored to clients.


  • Loop developed a comprehensive Test Plan with 99% product coverage

  • Identified key load limitations related to appointments

  • Accelerated development timeline

  • Saw more systematic version control implemented

  • More..  

"The level of detail that Loop approached our product was stunning. We gave them access to our product at 8am & they gave us amazing results by 4:30pm. I have a hard time believing many testing companies could pull that off."


Loop Software & Testing Services

Service Overview

Macro-Eyes Health develops industry leading, Sibyl, a new intelligent scheduling technology that increases access to care by predicting the future and then improving it. Leveraging Machine Learning/AI uses that knowledge to build a schedule, appointment by appointment, that fills gaps before they happen. Sibyl makes the day more predictable. 

Macro-Eyes Health currently serves Healthcare systems across the United States & is expanding quickly. This expansion has put new stresses on the internal development team, tasked with keeping up with feature development. Loop Software & Testing was brought in to both help create & execute a formalized Test Plan, but also to work hand-in-hand to formalize dev ops processes & systems.

Business Guarantees

  • Immature development systems

  • Highly complex logic to application

  • System must meet HIPAA compliance

  • Diverse set of integrations for individual clients

  • Quality assurance handled primarily by the engineering lead


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