Starchive and Loop (Software Testing Provider) Tackle the Challenges of Automating a Modern Web Application

Case studies are a great way to theorize, understand, and develop the process of helping current and potential clients with the challenges that they face. So when Zeenyx, Loop’s automation partner, asked if there were any case studies to share with their clients, Loop jumped at the opportunity to show off the Starchive case study.

Starchive is a cloud-based media management application designed to create organization within media chaos.  Started from their collaboration with the Bob Dylan Music Company, the web-based software application allows individuals, companies, and creative brands to solve media challenges by making it easy to find, manage, or share media within thousands of files. They are a fantastic client of Loop’s who have recently made the decision to switch from manual testing to automated testing. 

There have been some learning curves and obstacles in changing from manual to automated testing due to some of the unique features that Starchive has and thus presented a fantastic opportunity to showcase how Zeenyx’s program, AscentialTest, has made some dramatic changes to the testing process. The full case study can be read here.

Here at Loop, we are proud to be able to connect and assist the Starchive team with automated testing. They now have high-quality software testing that is easier for everyone involved. If you are interested in learning more about the progression from manual to automated testing, please check out this Loop post or reach out to us at

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