11 Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource Software Testing

Madigan Johnson

When first approaching the issue of software testing, there are so many different options it is hard not to be overwhelmed. It is possible to hire an internal team of software testers, but this can limit talent and is a fixed cost. Another option is to draw other staffers into software testing, but this can leave gaps in other areas of work and they have not been trained properly for that position. There is also the possibility to not test software at all which frankly, always ends in disaster. Finally, there is the choice to outsource software testing. 

"Outsourcing software testing will enable your company to free up their time to spend on other projects while providing new and valuable feedback to the product development team" - Ben Fellows, CEO of Loop

We like to think there are two types of outsourcing; outsourcing to companies in different countries which could result in ineffective communication, challenges with time zones and language barriers, and ensuring that is a trusted partner. The other option is onshore-outsourcing meaning hiring a third party within your country to do your software testing. There are varied reasons to onshore-outsource, but we have compiled 11 of the top reasons why your company should onshore-outsource. 

1. Expertise

This is the main reasons why you should outsource your software testing. By bringing in an outside team, you are engaging top-level experts with years of experience. Their expertise will bring new knowledge and intuitions and allow for surety in job being done correctly and advancing the high quality of your product.

2. Resources

Investing the time and money into internal software testing can be a hassle with all of the training, equipment, and latest tools needed and can take away resources from other areas that may need it. Outsourcing software testing means that you will be able to engage and utilize with the latest tools, technology, and techniques without actually having to fully commit to all of the resources needed for great testing.

3. Communication

Communicating with teams in-house or overseas can mean conversations and plans can get lost. When hiring an onshore team, you can be assured that communication will be clear and concise. Everything will be properly communicated and scheduled, giving you exactly what you need. Issues, deadlines, and feedback will be communicated within a reasonable time frame that you specify.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Obviously, cost is a huge factor in the decision of software testing. Internal teams can be expensive while outsourced teams in different countries can be cheaper but come with higher risks. Moving people internally can result in large gaps in the company's structure meaning lost productivity and therefore money. By onshore-outsourcing,  the cost can be lower than an internal team and provide more security in the work than complete outsourcing, allowing you to get the best bang for your buck.

5. Best Practices in Testing

Unless you are a software tester or QA engineer, you will not know the best practices in testing. Like other development fields, the best practices in software testing change and there is constantly new information, tools, and tech associated with it. As a software testing agency, it is their responsibility to be on top of the best practices in testing and you can be assured that they will be.

6. Different Types of Testing Services

Let’s say that you are building a web application and have hired an internal team to do software testing. Further down the road, your product is doing great and you want to expand to a mobile app. One of the big hindrances however is that your software testing team hasn’t the slightest clue about how to run tests for mobile devices. Outsourcing means that you don’t have to worry about this. Software testing agencies will have a large variety of testing services for you to choose from, each secure in the testing methodologies.

7. Unbiased Evaluations

When you hire an on-shore outsourcing company for software testing, they will provide clear audits of your work and inform where there are issues or outstanding work. Onshore-outsourcing allows for them to not know the internal dynamics of the company which endorses the idea of an impartial view and they will be able to evaluate your product simply on its merit.

8. Fresh Perspective

Onshore outsourcing gets new people into your organization and therefore, new angles and viewpoints. This can be incredibly useful when testing user experiences, as it allows the outsourced software testers to come in unbiased, ready to evaluate and push forward the best possible product solution for its users.

9. Training

Instead of spending valuable time and resources on training new employees, why not just outsource it to companies that already have the trained staff? Software testing companies provide their employees with valuable training and expertise so that by the time you hire them, they are ready to provide skilled work. 

10. Faster Results

Most software companies have a roster of software testers available for clients. The labor is more efficient since this is the only task they are focused on, are highly trained, and can onboard faster. Communication is delivered every step of the way meaning that what you need to be done is delivered quickly and accurately.

11. Value Added

Onshore-outsourcing can add more value to your business. Through streamlining efficiency, communicating properly, having well-trained testers who are knowledgeable and experienced, software testing doesn’t have to be a burden to your organization. Instead, you might get the chance to build new relationships, lessen the responsibility of the in-house team, and ease stress levels. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

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